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Gravity is Magnetism

This Hubpage has been read by over 42,800 readers. It is accredited with a 7 yr award.

This theory seems to be gaining much more traction and acceptance over the six + years it has been published here. You will find comments from Scientists all over the world as well as regular everyday people. Pleaserespect each other's opinions and debate in a professional manner. AnyNasty,rude,vulgar etc... comments will be deleted. Heated discussions are allowed, just remember there is a line! Please go through it, experiment with it, and comment with only factual comments. I present to you the Keeker Theory.....Magnetism IS Gravity!The following theory is copyright protected 2008.

Welcome to the Keeker Theory. The missing link in the Grand Unified Theory!

The Big Bang occurs, like many Scientists have theorized matters of different substances are ejected throughout space. An iron mass of great proportions is ejected as well. This iron mass is extremely hot. It begins to cause atomic fusion. Tremendous quantities of energy begin to be released. With energy comes rotational specific heat. This is also accompanied by molecular spin. The atoms now become ions caused by electrical current from the production of heat caused by the molecular spin and contributed by rotational specific heat.

Every ion contains electrons and all electrons contain a natural magnetic movement (Bohr) . additional information on this theory by Bohr: Two types of experimental evidence which arose in the 1920s suggested an additional property of the electron. One was the closely spaced splitting of the hydrogen spectral lines, called fine structure. The other was the Stern-Gerlach experiment which showed in 1922 that a beam of silver atoms directed through an inhomogeneous magnetic field would be forced into two beams. Both of these experimental situations were consistent with the possession of an intrinsic angular momentum and a magnetic moment by individual electrons. Classically this could occur if the electron were a spinning ball of charge, and this property was called electron spin. ( mind you we are dealing with a spinning ball of charge at this point in the theory)

Quantization of angular momentum had already arisen for orbital angular momentum, and if this electron spin behaved the same way, an angular momentum quantum number s = 1/2 was required to give just two states.

Because of the massive amount of ions present in this iron ball/mass, a magnetic current is created. A magnetic current with great power and strength. The magnetic current now magnetizes the very core of the iron ball/mass. At this point the magnetized ball/mass continues to display a magnetic movement (rotation) freely throughout the Universe. As we are all aware of this universe of ours is a freezing environment with temperatures of about MINUS 455 degrees Fahrenheit . In this dark and freezing environment each layer of this ball/mass is cooling and causing what is now known to us as ROCK to form all over this iron mass. As the Keeker Theory continues you will be able to determine where all three types of rocks come into play.

Igneous Rocks

Igneous rock is formed when magma cools and makes crystals. Magma is a hot liquid made of melted minerals. The minerals can form crystals when they cool. Igneous rock can form underground, where the magma cools slowly or igneous rock can form above ground, where the magma cools quickly.

Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary rocks form at or near the earth's surface at relatively low temperatures and pressures primarily by: deposition by water, wind or ice precipitation from solution (may be biologically mediated) growth in position by organic processes (e.g., carbonate reefs ) Sediment can either be: Material, originally suspended in a liquid, that settles at the bottom of the liquid when it is left standing for a long time Material eroded from preexisting rocks that is transported by water, wind, or ice and deposited elsewhere

Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic Rock is formed when rocky material experiences intense heat and pressure in the crust of the earth. Through the metamorphic process, both igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks can change into metamorphic rocks, and a metamorphic rock can change into another type of metamorphic rock. Heat and pressure do not change the chemical makeup of the parent rocks but they do change the mineral structure and physical properties of those rocks. Metamorphic rocks trapped underground are still subject to enormous heat from rising magma, or heated water, and pressure. Sometimes the heat can get so intense the rocks actually melt. Pressure comes from the incredible weight of material surrounding the rock on all sides. The pressure pushes new minerals into the rock and drives other minerals out; the result, of course, is that the rock is chemically changed. Magnetic spin and magnetic moment continue through constant natural cyclotron. This combination of thins all occurring simultaneously causes magnetic resonance within the iron mass/ball.

Now what many people do not know. Is that Rocks contain oxygen naturally as well as minerals.

( A recent study done by M.I.T. verifies this part of my theory as they had similar testing and findings when dealing with Lunar rock. )

When Fe2+ was present, the melt composition most closely resembled that found on

the lunar surface. Two competing anode reactions then occurred: the desired oxidation of

oxides to form oxygen and the undesired oxidation of Fe2+ to produce Fe3+ :

2O2- O2 + 4e- [1]

Fe2+ Fe3+ + e-

This oxygen from these rocks forming on the cooling iron mass is being freely emitted into the Earths surroundings. Now we have two processes occurring at this point. 1) As the element Hydrogen which is extremely notable in the Universe is coming into contact with the Oxygen that is being released from this iron mass/ball. These two elements begin to bond. Thus creating H20 (water) to fill in these rocks and cracks. This is how Oceans and Lakes where formed on the Iron mass (Which I will now begin to call the Earth). And 2. Because of the freezing temperatures of space , Liquid oxygen is also forming around the Earth sealing it in. Liquid Oxygen is highly paramagnetic! The wonderful thing about this happening is when the liquid oxygen surrounds and seals the Earth it is now able to create in conjunction with the earths core, a magnetic planet.( However take note for further incite into this theory that this liquid oxygen sealing does come away from the solid form of the Earth as it becomes in contact with the Sun's magnetic field. The hotter it becomes in the Sun's magnetic field the further away from the Solid mass of the Earth it moves due to the heat. Thus giving it's position in the atmosphere now. This allows further oxygen that is still being released to become trapped and stabilized within the atmosphere, which is the oxygen we breathe now) Our magnetic planet newly formed now has both a magnetic North and magnetic South. At this point something dramatic occurs. Suddenly while on its travel throughout the Universe the earth comes into contact with the Suns magnetic field. Now, because at this point we are dealing with planets whose core is primarily Nickel and Iron both highly magnetic, I am sure you can just imagine what happens now. We have a small Earth in comparison to the size of the Sun. The Earth is then rapidly pulled towards the Sun. The closer the Earth gets to the Sun the hotter the Earth gets. This causes immense and rapid evaporations to occur of the water on the Earth. This evaporation causes the oxygen from this water to be re-released from the Earth as it gets closer and hotter. Now because the Earth has a Magnetic North and South the Sun will pull the Earth close to it, but the opposite attraction of Earths magnetic North will stop the earth from crashing into the Sun. Take note there are several evidences that it is the Earths magnetic North that causes this. 1. Our magnetic North area on Earth is the coldest part of the Earth, in the Southern areas of the Earth that are more attracted to the Sun it is warmer/hotter year round. And 2. The moon is stationary in its position. Meaning it does not spin. It always has 1 side that is dark, the same side. Hence "the dark side of the moon". Yet, it still rotates around the Earth. We know the Earth spins around the sun. We also know that the earths magnetic field repels the suns magnetic field. So if the Earth is pushing away on its exterior, how is it that it does not just push the moon away? To fully understand the magnetic field that actually comes off of the earth we must understand just how HUGE it really is. We have seen many pictures on google that show a field that kind of just goes side to side pole to pole and trails slightly behind the Earth. This cannot be further from the truth. That field goes as far as the Earth to the Sun , all around the earth. And here is why I say this. 1. It repels the Sun at this point... and also lets again look at the moon. 2. If the Earth is repelling that certain magnetic pull from the sun then the moon must have the exact opposite polarity. It must be able to attract to this magnetic field. However do to it's size (Earth's magnetic field and strength) it cannot get close enough to the Earth to hit it. The Earths magnetic field is powerful enough to stop it, and just like 2 magnets being placed together N and S. They stick together in a stationary position. So the moon is stuck quite literally to the Earths magnetic field and cannot spin on its own, it just follows the spin of the Earth as the Earth spins around the Sun. Also, unlike the Earths field where we deflect the Suns harmful waves etc... the moon actually attracts them. Such as Helium 3. The moon is abundant in Helium 3. The moon was on a mission to crash with the Sun, at a crucial and critical moment it had to have come into contact with the Earth saving it from its impending doom. Had the Earth not been there for the Moon to be attracted to and become stuck, it most certainly would have crashed into the Sun. Again. this is why we have the dark side of the moon.

The magnetic field of the Earth has its own push within the atmosphere, going from the magnetosphere to the core. Which is what we describe as gravity. And we also have our Magnetic North reflecting the Sun to protect us.

And lastly we must discuss the orbits of the Earth around the Sun. This is due to two things, spin magnetic moment, and the constant pull of the sun on the Earths South Pole.

Here is where we discuss absolute proof that everything within the earths atmosphere is magnetized. Unfortunately at this time in Science we do not currently have instruments that can show that we ourselves are magnetic. But here is a solid evidence. When we consider MRIs (Magnet Resonance Imaging) We must understand how these machines work medically. They pull he cells of the human body to the surface of the body in able to take pictures of what is going on inside of the body. If human cells were not magnetic they would not respond to MRIs and these pictures would not be possible through MRI. Then we must consider necessary elements to survive. ALL LIVING MATTER on this planet has to have certain elements to survive. We would die without them, including plants and food sources. Things elements are magnetic. They include things like iron, nickel, potassium, manganese, calcium, etc. So what keeps our bodies in a mineral state of homeostasis? The minerals in our body that are nonmagnetic such as zinc, copper, etc this is why when we get sick or feel ill when our bodies are lacking any of these elements. They need each other to maintain that homeostasis.

What about nonliving materials? Again I reiterate that we do not have the necessary instruments to pick up magnetic measurements of this quantity, and heres the reason why which correlates to these nonmagnetic materials Electromagnetic Induction. Discovered By Faraday in 1831. It was successfully observed that ALL objects become magnetized when they are within a magnetic field. A great example is the frog. Heres a link, by all means a frog like a human should not display ANY reactions to a magnet, (according to previously known physics) However, check it out in this setting where it is surrounded by a 10 tesla magnetic coil : . So here where we have a small nonmagnetic living being that we can clearly see amazing responses and results from strong magnets. So even though we may not have the technology yet to measure these magnetic fields that we are in because we are an actual part of them, hopefully one day we will. And lastly but definitely NOT least. We have no proof of the existence of a graviton. We have a Hadron Collider that smashes atoms at the speed of light , (by using magnets btw) , but have yet to be able to see or show actual proof of a Graviton. Now that is just amazing to me. Boson/God Particle we can find, a simple atom of gravity.... can't find...hmmmm

In Conclusion:

I make the claim that Newton was wrong by calling gravity gravity. He did in fact observe an effect, apple and tree But he was WRONG for naming it. It was not correctly identified and this has since caused serious problems within the Physics community. Even Einstein knew that Newton was not accurate somewhere in this discovery and was unable to establish his Unified Theory. This I contend is the missing link to the Unified Theory! That which binds all of creation together. Once we can as a scientific community start thinking with the right information then and only then can we truly advance in Physics.

Kienne- aka Newtons Rival! : )


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10 Tips for Raising Teenage Girls

Communicate With Teenage DaughtersTeenage girls have different issues to teenage boys and parents need to handle them differently. In their book, Why Girls Talk (McGraw-Hill, 2005), Susan Morris Shaffer and Linda Perlman Gordon highlight the fact that while teenage girls vary greatly in size, appearance, gifting and personality, there are some general principles that will be helpful to most parents.10 Ideas for Improving Relationships With Teenage Daughters

While it may not be possible to implement all of these ideas, using one or two of them can help develop History Of Drinking And Driving deeper relationship with an adolescent daughter:

Help teenage daughters to reach their full potential. This can be done by encouraging interests and providing opportunities and training in those areas. Teach them independence and allow them to make decisions and learn from mistakes.Put yourself in your daughter's position when trying to understand what seems to be an unreasonable request. Penalties For Driving Under The Influence out what motivated her to ask for such a thing.Allow teenage girls to express themselves within reason and don't take everything personally. Learn what to do during a Truck Accident situation. In case you're looking for some information on Attorney For Car Accident visit now!It is not good to repress emotion and by occasionally overstepping boundaries, girls will get a feel for what is appropriate.Set and maintain boundaries in connection with activities such as drinking, driving, drugs, sex, curfews and computer use. Set clear consequences for breaking the rules and carry these through.Listen to complaints and woes but don't try and fix everything. It is more helpful to listen in an understanding manner to allow your daughter to come to her own conclusions.Engage teen daughters in discussions about pop culture and advertising. Ask their opinion on the latest trends and whether she thinks they are healthy.Don't be afraid to discuss sexuality with teenage girls. If you don't talk about it, she will gather information from the Internet and uneducated peers, which may lead to bad choices.Stay involved with your daughter's education, no matter what her level of ability, and guide her into wise subject choices according to her gifts.Encourage daughters to set goals in life and as far as possible, model the balance between family and work.Aim at building and maintaining strong family relationships, especially between daughters and dads. While teen girls may rebel against this, a close-knit family is a strong support structure in times of need.Parenting Teen Girls is Hard but Can be Fun

Raising teenage daughters can be difficult but it can also be great fun. The important thing is to set boundaries, keep communication flowing and be prepared to listen, any time of day or night.


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